ADI – Integrated Homecare Assistance

Home Care provides social and welfare services which facilitate the permanence of people in situations of fragility at home, in order to avoid institutionalization and hospitalization.
The Service is aimed at people in situations of partial or total non-self-sufficiency, of a temporary or definitive nature, and for people in situations of non-ambulation and non-transportability in outpatient health centers.

To activate the ADI Service, the Primary Care Physician or the Family Pediatrician completes the form for the request for “Home Care”, which will be sent to the Center for Home Care (CeAD) and which contains a summary clinical evaluation, the reasons relating to the patient’s health needs and any request for specialist advice.

The staff of the Center for Home Care (CeAD) judges the appropriateness of the request and reports to the structure chosen by the patient, through the ADIWEB system, the ADI activation request with all the clinical information and details of the applicant.

Our representative contacts the patient’s family to agree the day and time of the first access: the activation of the service is guaranteed within 72 hours from receipt of the CeAD report.

The Quarenghi Clinic Institute provides the service:

  • according to the indications of the Individual Assistance Plan (PAI) and defining the services that will be provided and the operators involved
  • providing the necessary sanitary material for the performance of the services provided
  • collaborating with the attending physician.

The duration of the service is determined based on the time necessary to solve the needs detected at the time of taking charge.

At the end of the service a discharge report is issued, it will contain information on the state of health and on the treatments performed; the closure of the assistance is recorded in ADIWEB and in the clinical diary; the MAP / PDF is also informed.

Resignations are also carried out in the case of hospitalization, hospitalization, residential or death of the patient.

Service Delivery: 7 days a week, from 7 am to 12 and from 3 pm to 5 pm, depending on the number and type of open assistance plans.

For information and reports

ADI service
Tel. 0345.25148 – mobile 334.6832391, from Monday to Friday 9.00am – 1.00pm and 2.00pm – 6.00pm;
at other times tel. 0345.25111

ATS of Bergamo – URP ADI service
tel. 035.385398

Carta dei Servizi ADI


Services offered
  • Prevention and treatment of pressure injuries € 20.00
  • Medication of surgical wounds, post-traumatic and vascular ulcers € 20.00
  • Management and medication of PEG, SNG and tracheostomies € 20.00
  • Administration of enteral nutrition € 20.00
  • Management of central and peripheral venous catheters and administration of intravenous therapies (also with infusion pump) € 20.00 / € 40.00
  • Management of bladder catheterization (placement and periodic replacement) € 40.00
  • Venous and capillary blood sampling (eg EGT) € 20.00
  • Parameter detection (FC, PA, O2 saturation) € 5.00
  • Administration of intramuscular and subcutaneous therapies € 10.00
  • Management of urinary tracts of the urinary tract (urostomy and nephrostomies) and intestinal tract (ileostomies and colonstomies) and related aids € 30.00
  • Enteroclisma € 20.00
  • Registration and ECG reporting € 25.00
  • Help in personal hygiene, dressing, mobilization, walking € 20.00
  • Sponging in bed or bath in tub or shower (2 operators) € 40.00
  • Physiological visits € 70.00
  • Individual and family support interviews, psychological support € 50.00