Blood sample point

The Laboratory Medicine Service of the Quarenghi Clinical Institute, accredited by the NHS and outsourced to the company Synlab Italia s.r.l., offers a wide range of services, addressed both to external clients and to internal clinical activity.

The Blood sample point offers the user the possibility use the Laboratory services without making a reservation. It will be enough to go to our Acceptance between 8:00 am and 9:00 am from Monday to Friday, excluding holidays, to take blood samples or to deliver samples (urine, faeces, etc.) to be sent in the laboratory.

At the sampling point it is also possible to collect the containers to be used for the collection of the sample to be examined. 

The services offered include analysis of clinical chemistry, hematology and coagulation, microbiology, pharmacology, serum immunology, immunohematology and pathological anatomy.

Covid-19 screening program

In the face of the epidemiological state of emergency from Covid-19, the Istituto Clinico Quarenghi, in compliance with the operating procedures established by the Lombardy Region with D.G.R. XI / 3131 of 12.05.2020 and subsequent amendments, makes available, on a voluntary basis, a COVID-19 screening program for the detection of anti-SARS-COV2 antibodies by means of SEROLOGICAL TEST.

Attached to the patient information, indicating the meaning and the type of serological test, the method of carrying out the investigation and related obligations, access to the service with relative tariffs and, finally, the method of delivery of the report, and the declaration of informed consent to be completed completed on the day of the test.


  • clinical chemistry analysis
  • hematology and coagulation
  • microbiology
  • pharmacology
  • serumimmunology
  • immunohematology
  • pathological anatomy (pap test)