Hotel class service

The clinic has traditionally a “Hotel Class” service.

It is reserved:

  • to private customers (assisted stay);
  • to those who are insured or insuration and profession health cards;
  • optional for those who use the National Health Service, with payment of “Hotel Class” supplement.

The relative rates will be presented in advance.

A deposit will be required to the guest at arrival time.

It is also possible to pay by debit and credit card.

The rooms are distributed on  the historical building: they all have a view of the upper garden or the garden on the Brembo river.

Your accommodation can be in a single room, in a two bed room, available for a relative or shared with another patient. All have LED TV and direct telephone.

On the ground floor there are the living-reading rooms, tranquility corners where ancient frescoes add charm to your relaxation time.

The dining rooms are airy and sunny, they have a nice view of the park; they have a capacity of 70 seats and they’re located on the first floor. The restaurant service is performed by waiters and it also open to guests of patients hospitalized, you only need to book shortly in advance at n 9.

Our dietary cuisine continues the tradition of the clinic founder.

Meals are served in the dining rooms at 12.30 and 7.30 pm; in the room they’re served at 12.00 and at 19.00.

Every day it is possible to choose what to eat from the menu.

The cafeteria serves breakfast in the room, it offers tea in the mid-afternoon and chamomile after dinner.

We wish the Guest can have a relaxing period in our clinic: beyond the medical occupations, we hope to offer him a restful stay in a peaceful, attentive environment.