Osteopathy and manual therapy

The manual therapy and osteopathy surgery is dedicated to the treatment of musculoskeletal diseases.
A physiotherapist and osteopath, through careful evaluation and clinical reasoning, will find the cause of the problem and help the patient manage pain. The functions of the musculoskeletal system, the symptoms and changes in mobility will be analyzed.
The treatment, in compliance with the scientific evidence, includes manual therapy, mobilizations, manipulations and targeted and personalized therapeutic exercises, for the prevention, care and assistance in maintaining health.

Those who suffer from:
• Low back pain or low back pain
• Cervicalgia
• Joint and muscle pain
• Muscle-tension headache
• Tendinopathies
• Temporomandibular Joint Disorders


The Specialist

Dr. Mattia Mazzoleni

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  • osteopathic visit
  • manual therapy
  • therapeutic exercises
  • stabilometric platform