Our gardens

The Clinic has two lush gardens:

The garden towards the mountain: it has large hedges of boxwood which expand into geometric shapes, tall trees that rise towards the sky, a source of fresh water constantly flowing and green and flowering bushes. Looking out at the windows from the inside of the clinic it’s a pleasure for the eyes: plant architectures, harmonies of shapes and colors.

The garden facing the river: overlooking the river Brembo, whose visible course opens towards the valley to the south east; on the background it can be seen the stone bridge of the XV century with two arches, the bell tower of the parish church and the distant mountains.

It can be reached by descending the elevator on the -1 floor and after a short underpass you go out in the sun and green: lawns, bushes, trees, corners of greenery, flat paths to walk and to enjoy nature, away from pollution and noises, feeling only the scent of the earth and the flow of water.