Quarenghi Clinical Institute is a private structure accredited by National Health Service (SSN).

It has a departmental structure, made by three operating units:
– specialized and general geriatric rehabilitation (neuromotor, cardiologic, vascular, respiratory, oncological and obesity)
– high complexity rehabilitation
– general medicine.

Patients come from hospital departments or directly from their domicile in case of flared up chronic pathologies.

The rehabilitation treatment is integrated and multidisciplinary: many professionals take part in it, such as doctors, neuropsychologists, physiotherapists, nurses, speech therapists etc; thanks to a synergistic and coordinated action, they assure a qualified assistance to the patient both from a clinical and a psychological point of view.

In the Institute we adopt diagnostic-therapeutic paths which are constantly updated and relevant to guidelines, issued by Scientific Societies, customized according to the specific care needs of each patient.

We monitor the effectiveness of the treatments provided and the results achieved through outcome indicators, which represents a useful decision-making tool for the progressive modulation of rehabilitation treatment. Data collection coming from rehabilitation robotics is important for indicators processing and it further enriched the instrumental equipment of our gyms (Lokomat, Erigo, Hunova, Armeo, Virtual Reality, Walk Analysis).

Approximately 1,500 patients a year, coming from all over Italy, are currently being treated.

The structure guarantees the patient a high-quality assistance due to the development of the specialized branches offered, thanks also to the insertion of new qualified medical specialists, as well as the strengthening of the latest generation of instrumental diagnostic equipment.

In recent years the Institute has also promoted significant structural interventions to improve both the hotel’s comfort and the functionality of the departments and services, in fact in the second half of 2018, it will inaugurate a new 13-bed department located on the fourth floor of the historical wing, which will result in a total of 114 beds.

The Institute established important collaborations with the academic world and it stipulated agreements with the prestigious School of Specialization in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of the University of Pavia for the training of medical specialists and with the University of Milan and the University of Studies of Milan-Bicocca for the training of physiotherapists.

With these pages, which want to provide essential information on the operation and organization of the structure, we wish to offer a useful tool to those who have to spend a period of care and to their family members. We will be grateful if you want to inform us of any comments, criticisms, proposals, which will be held in due consideration.

With the wish of a good stay.

The President