The Urology clinic is managed by a Urologist Medical Surgeon.

It is dedicated to patients of both sexes suffering from diseases of the uro-genital apparatus.

In particular, at the clinic we carry out the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the oncological pathologies of the male and female urinary system, such as neoplasia of the kidney, bladder, testis and penis; we also dedicate to prevention of prostatic neoplasia, which today is one of the most prevalent male pathologies on the territory, with the interpretation of the hematic examination of the Specific Prostatic Antigen (PSA).

The Urology clinic also deals with:

  • urinary calculosis
  • urinary tract infections in men (prostatitis) and in women (cystitis)
  • the andrological problems such as “erectile deficit” (DE) and premature ejaculation “(EP)
  • male and female urinary incontinence
  • the benign pathology of the male and female genitalia

The Specialists

Dr. Emanuele Micheli

Dr. Alberto Carlo Agostino Vismara


  • Urological visits
  • Vesicular catheterization