Quality policy

The Quarenghi Clinical Institute provides in-patient and outpatient services (specialist visits and instrumental diagnostic services).

The health activity of the Institute is carried out in respect of the dignity of the person, having as its guiding principles the protection of life, health promotion, recovery of compromised physical resources, the best patient care and greater hotel comfort.

To this end, the Management pursues quality standards aimed at:

  1. a) to develop a continuous improvement of services and business processes, aimed at attention to the patient and his satisfaction, the safety of the staff and the work environment, the competence, awareness and skills of health, administrative and technical operators;
  2. provide security in the practice of medicine, in the execution of treatments and in the supervision of patients, paying attention to the International Objectives for patient safety;
  3. ensure the best diagnostic and treatment performance, in terms of appropriateness, timeliness, effectiveness, systematicity and continuity;
  4. make available the necessary human and technological resources;
  5. offer the best hospitality and the best service to patients;
  6. a) guarantee patients equality, impartiality, continuity of care, right of choice and participation, also protecting the right to privacy;
  7. a) support the continuous improvement of processes by verifying the quality of the activities, using indicators to measure the achievement of the identified objectives and promoting the activation of preventive actions and any corrective actions.

The Management considers it essential to adhere to the Company Quality System and to maintain the Certification in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015standard.

The heads of Departments and Services ensure that the Quality Policy is understood and implemented by all collaborators in carrying out their activities.