Pain therapy

The Pain Therapy clinic is managed by a specialist in Anesthesia Reanimation and Antalgic Therapy.

This clinic can be used by those who suffer from:

  • medium-severe painful affections of any nature, in particular chronic and acute benign pain (for example, lumbosciatica resistant to common pharmacological treatments)
  • complex painful pathologies, shingles, posterpetic and trigeminal neuralgia, headaches, pains as a consequence of inflammatory, degenerative, vascular and tumor diseases.

At the pain therapy clinic the medical treatment of the herniated disc is carried out through the epidural peridural infiltration technique, as an alternative to the surgical intervention.

There are many other minimally invasive percutaneous therapeutic procedures performed under local anesthesia that may limit, and in some cases avoid, the use of surgery.

The Specialist

Dr. Giambattista Villa